My story of diabetes


I was diagnosed with Diabetes many years ago, in 1996.  I had been working on my 3 acre lawn, mowing and weedeating and the temperature in South Carolina was around 100 degrees with that humidity that prevents the sweat from evaporating.  I drank a lot of a popular electrolyte fluid which had huge amounts of sugar.  I had not paid attention to the label, nor did I know that I was diabetic at the time.  In fact, after dinner, my older daughter said as long as I had to fast for the blood tests the next day, why not top off the day with pie and ice cream?  So, I did.  Great comfort foods!

I went for the blood tests, and got a phone call from the lab the next night that my blood sugar was way up.  

The good doctor gave me the brand new drug, Rezulin, just off the Parke Davis Pharmaceutical firm's machines.  Something told me not to take it. 

In just 3 months the death toll from the drug literally destroying the liver was so great that the drug was withdrawn from the market.  

I really think God Himself intervened for me not to take this dangerous drug.

Going forward, the drug companies added side chains but still used the "glitazone" basis.  

There are still adverse reactions that are not good for the body that is trying to heal or get better from the diabetes.

I found an interesting statement that might be hard to believe, but when you test your blood glucose and have a sugar reading of perhaps 250, it is NOT because you have diabetes.  I find it hard to believe that high blood sugar levels may not indicate you have diabetes.  

It turns out that INFLAMMATION is the key word here.  Diabetics have high rates of heartr disease, heart attacks, cancer, high cholesterol, blindness, arthritis, and neuropathy.  

In February of 2015, researchers and scientists at the University of California, San Diego, proved that type 2 diabetes is caused by inflammation: they discovered that the inflammatory molecule LTB4 causes insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance leads to high blood sugar and diabetes.  

So, the reason why treating your blood sugar with drugs and injecting insulin to combat insulin sensitivity will never heal your diabetes. You are not treating the root cause of diabetes, just the symptoms of it.  

So what is the root cause of diabetes?  The old saw of overeating does not hold anymore.  There are several things that contribute to the disease, however there is also a very simple reason.  


With the saturated fat theory of Ancel Keys back in the 50s, his 7 countries survey cherry-picked data to "prove" that saturated fats caused cardiovascular disease.  

He was proven wrong  some 10 years ago, however, the profit-driven medical industry does not want to give up the cash cow of cholesterol-lowering drugs, bypass operations, and myriad other drugs to treat diabetes.

Look at diabetes another way:  You'r in a rowboat, in the middle of a lake, reeling in a huge fish: when you notice your boat has sprung a leak. And is now filling with lake water.

You must act fast: But what do you do FIRST?   Grab a bucket and start bailing water? OR: Plug the hole so more water cannot get in?  

Common sense says you plug the hole, of course.  In other words, you fix the root cause of the problem.  

So how do so many doctors MISS THIS?  

Rather than fixing the ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM they shoot you up with loads of prescription medication and insulin  which is a BIG MISTAKE.  

That is similar to bailing water first!