Questions to ask your Oncologist

The most devastating diagnosis anyone can have is , "You have cancer."

This immediately sets the stage for early anticipated death, and the mind, soul, and spirit accept this diagnosis as if it were a curse.

There are only 3 treatments for cancer, and these are surgery, chemo, and radiation.

In view of this, there are some good questions you need to ask your oncologist.

  1. Is my cancer a fast-growing or a slow-growing cancer?
  2.  How long has it been growing in my body?
  3. What does my doctor think caused my cancer?
  4. What are the anticipated long-term side effects of the treatments?
  5. Are the treatments curative? If the  treatments you recommend do not cure my cancer, then what?
  6. Are the treatments palliative?
  7. What is the recurrence rate after this treatment?
  8. Where does that statistic come from?  From actual living statistics or from computer models?
  9. Will the chemo or radiation cause the cancer to grow more quickly?
  10. The cancer institutes and NIH have actual case studies where chemo and radiation actually increase the growth rate of certain cancers.  Do you have knowledge of this?
  11. What can I do at home to increase my chances of surviving this cancer?
  12. Why are you letting me have a piece of cake or cookies after a cancer treatment?  It is a know fact that cancer cells are sugar feeders so why should I have anything with sugar in it? 
  13. So why is sugar not a problem?  
  14. What about me making my body a basic PH instead of being acidic?  It is a fact that cancer patients have an acid body.  Cancer has a problem surviving in a more basic body PH.
  15. What about mineral deficiencies?
  16. What about my oxygen levels?  Cancer cells are anerobic (no oxygen) and thrive in low oxygen conditions. 
  17. Why are you continuing to do CT scans, PET scans, and X-rays when these tests can trigger the genetic make-up of the cancer cells to start forming cancer? 
  18. What about the role of Vitamin C intravenously?  Research has shown that Vitamin C does NOT interfere with chemo or radiation and protects the normal cells from being devastated.
  19. What about Insulin Potentiated Therapy where insulin is used and attracts the chemo to the cancer cell?  Can you explain this to me?
  20. What about baking soda:  This should increase the PH of the body.
  21. In tests, cancer patients are extremely low in Vitamin D3.  Can you explain this?  If I am low, then I should supplement with Vitamin D3 to increase my levels.
  22. Should I begin a low carbohydrate diet to begin to minimize my carbohydrates which turn to sugar and cause cancer cells to grow?  If not, why not?
  23. What adjunct therapies can I do to increase my chances of survival? 
  24. What is the increased chance of death from everything the doctor is going to recommend to me? 

15.  How dangerous are these tests and treatments?  

       These questions may result in the doctor shutting you down, even bullying you.  The doctors mind may be completely closed to whatever adjunct or natural therapy you may want in addition to the chemo, surgery, or radiation they prescribe.  

One question you could ask when they start to shut you down, is, "would you want to take any of these treatments yourself, and if so, why or why not?

That usually seals the discussion.  

If you are spiritually inclined, you may want to go to your Church prayer group, or minister, etc to have them remove the curse that accompanies the diagnosis.  When the spirituality of the diagnosis is removed, then true healing can begin.  The mind, soul, and spirit can then begin to let the body heal.